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4 years ago
shit starts at 11:25 for you niggas that want to skip the gay interview
Slowride 4 years ago
If u listen closely you can hear family sad...
Babyinn 4 years ago
I like to fuck big ass girls
3 years ago
This shit is stupid. Too much talking. Nobody cares to hear their life story.
BBC 4 years ago
That’s an ass you wife up
Ichigo 3 years ago
She a real carnivore. I'd fk her throat crazy
4 years ago
Glad she's in a relationship. Good on her.
bro 3 years ago
i be seeing more racial slurs on porn sites than on social media and it always been when whites girls be fuckin niggas, u white beta boys be in y’all feelings huh lmfaoooo
Grande 3 years ago
I have a thick Salvadoran chica that I want to fuck so bad. Her fat Latina ass makes my cock harder than college algebra. I’m going to nut all over that ass real soon.
Aljay Wiggins Junior 4 years ago
, okay now,,,,,,,,,,